central vacuum

A cleaner home is within your reach

The central vacuum system is ready to clean any time. Plug in the light weight hose and clean away! Move from room to room and up to downstairs with little efforts. 100% of contacted dirt, dust and allergens carried away from living areas. Nothing is left behind except quality better air. You can breathe easier knowing that the convenience you can also make your home is healthier place to be, it is so powerful, that it is clinically proven to relieve allergies. A central vacuum system is built-in convenience for every room in your home. You can forget about the heavy lifting, the noise, the loss of suction and poor air quality you get from your current vacuum. With a central vacuum system you will experience powerful-cleaning-innovation every time.

Central vaccum system provide cleaner indoor air by efficiently removing particles without stirring up microscopic dust particles and re-emitting then into the interior of the home. The vaccum receptacle is vented outside of the living space keeping the air inside free of pollutants. It is five times more powerful than an upright vacuum, a Central Vacuum System deep cleans carpets, upholstery, draperies, wood and tile. You’ll even dust less often!