Buy a house or office and get it assembled on your plot!

Pre-fabricated construction is not entirely new to the Indian construction space. Office and commercial buildings have been using prefab wall panels, ceiling panels, plasterboards and flooring systems to create interiors of offices and other places such as hospitals.
Prefab panels and boards are eight to ten times lighter than brick-and-mortar walls. This reduces the load on the structure, which lowers the building cost.
The use of prefab materials gives the option of customizing buildings for specific needs such as fire and water resistance and sound-proofing. Most of the demand for prefab materials is from large developers and for commercial spaces such as offices. Use by individuals for their homes is yet to gain popularity. 

Buying a ready-made modular kitchen or bathroom is now par for the course for a number of Indians. But what if you could go to a store,  buy a house and get it assembled on your plot? With pre-fabricated, or prefab, technology becoming popular, this might become a reality in a few years.
Who knows factory-made houses might soon become common across the country, providing affordable as well as luxury homes to lakhs of families. Or, the next time you relocate, you might be able to hire a transporter to move your entire house to a new city.