About Us


We are New Electronic Adventurers: Young Entrepreneurs, Owning Homefx.

What Is Homefx?

HomeFx is offering high-precision electronic gadgets at affordable price; the best global brands with proven efficacy within everybody’s budget. Our enterprise is alive to the emerging needs of fast-changing India; we hope to provide the necessary gadgets to deliver “COMPLETE AUTOMATED HOME”

Our Mission

Our mission is to assure our customers greatest satisfaction for many years. We achieve this by bringing to each and every project the deepest knowledge, listening to and understanding our customer’s preferences, with the greatest diligence and attention to detail, the most skilled execution, and above all, the utmost integrity.

Our Vision

To make India, home to countless techies, wishing to follow jet set life-style, embark upon new ventures of automation. Our vision shares the wisdom of the following quote. “We believe in human brain and our vision is to utilize the intellect of human brain and transform it into the more modern and sophisticated technologies to serve the mankind”.